Emulation, better on Devices or Desktops?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussions' started by Shimus, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Shimus

    Shimus Member Registered

    For emulation, I have nearly every program under the sun. However, I lack devices to put them on so I carry them around very unconveniently - on a desktop PC. I've been aiming to see if smartphones couldn't handle it in some capacity because let's face it - old systems are even less than some new smartphones. So I've been leaning towards finding out some peoples' opinions - which do you use?

    If you do use a smartphone or similar portable device, please drop its name and a reason why you chose it so I can weigh options. Over time I've just found Laptops/Desktops handle the job quite well.
  2. RobertNick

    RobertNick New Member Registered

    My Android tablet runs PPSSPP pretty damn well, way better than my old laptop could ever do, as much juice as I struggle to get out of it. Maybe it's from the code optimisation, maybe it's from the hardware, I can't really, but these days the emulation on androids is amazingly advanced.
  3. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

  4. Cmok

    Cmok Member Registered

    Phones now a days are more than powerful to run NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PSX, N64 emulators (I play PSX games on my Xperia MIni and it's a 5 year old phone). The biggest problem, at least for me, is the lack of input feedback when playing with a touchscreen. It just feels weird and controls are nowhere near precise as when using a gamepad. Of course you could always hook up a wireless pad to your phone but I've never tried it.
  5. RonaldG

    RonaldG New Member Registered

    Emulation will of course always be better on the desktop PC. Emulation is very cpu-intensive and most smartphones remain behind the curve when it comes to emulating the latest platforms. CPU processing power is the prime consideration here since you the smartphone doesn't confer any kind of coding benefit through a superior OS or anything like that. You can run android and iOS as effectively on the desktop as you can on the smartphone (coding wise).
  6. King Draco

    King Draco Member Registered

    Emulators will always run better on a PC. The reason is because you can't compete with the processing power on a PC then one on a gaming/mobile device. But it it still runs good either way. I have a GBA emulator on my android and I play games just fine
  7. bunbakaa

    bunbakaa New Member Registered

    I run PPSSPP on my Galaxy S5. It runs really good and I like that I can take it with me where I want, but most of my emulators run so much better on my desktop. I had an emulator for NES games on my phone at one point, but it was just way too glitchy and I deleted it over time.
  8. Aladar

    Aladar Member Registered

    Emulation devices are honestly all hit or miss and with the price tag that comes attached to them, I can't really justify recommending them over desktop pc...
  9. Shimus

    Shimus Member Registered

    Perhaps I was misunderstood. I meant do you prefer to play them on mobile devices or desktops with more juice? I prefer my new Laptop I just got, it's pretty baller. But, I'd like to say some top end smart devices could run it equally as well, because the specs just need the minimums to run.

    The game of course with more resources will look better, that's why I assumed PCs/Desktops would be better overall to handle the processing, but after seeing my friends modded PSP playing my same emulator, on my same level makes me question if some devices aren't better suited for it.
  10. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom Member Registered

    Emulators will always be way better on PC or home devices, as there's simply more beef to work with than on a mobile phone. Sure, it's a real treat getting to play your favorite games on the go, but you shouldn't be able to get that many generations emulated at the moment, so it's behind the PC progress by far.
  11. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    I prefer it on my PC. It can take anything and then some. I mean I abuse the living daylights out of it and it can handle just about anything I throw at it just fine. My phone on the other hand? Nah, I wouldn't use it to game or emulate. To me it's just for utilitarian purposes- check texts, make calls, listen to music and browse the internet. Just because said phone can do it doesn't mean I would run an emulator on it.
  12. healzzz

    healzzz New Member Registered

    I run mine on my laptop, and that works just fine for me. I don't really have a desire to put an emulator on my phone because if I really want to take it somewhere, I can just take my laptop... And besides, if I want to play games on my phone, I have plenty of options. Putting an emulator on my phone is just too much hassle.

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