Do You Think Nintendo Has Become A Niche Market?

Discussion in 'Wii & Wii U' started by hafiz93, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. hafiz93

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    There's no doubt that Nintendo is still making a lot of profit nowadays, but when compared to the other big consoles, Sony and Xbox, Nintendo is quite behind in the gaming market. I haven't checked the latest sales of all the consoles so Nintendo might not be that far behind, they might even lead the charts. But when people are talking about the next big thing, or the next huge triple a games, they'll always talk about Sony and Xbox, not Nintendo. Not saying that Nintendo has been totally forgotten, it's just that their market is not the same or as huge as Sony and Xbox. They'll undoubtedly still have millions of customers worldwide, but it's not as huge or major as the other two.
  2. iCoachU

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    I wouldn't quite say that, no. I think everything has a niche value in terms of consoles, so it's not that it has "become" a niche market so much as that there is a distinct family element to the games, and that entices those people to buy more often than their counterparts.
  3. Personablue

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    Your statement is definitely not correct. Do you think if sony or microsoft sells x no of consoles and nintendo y no of consoles and you based profitability on that single factor?
    What if I tell you for each PS4 sold sony loses 9$, for each xbox one sold, Microsoft loses 19$ while for each Wii U sold Nintendo gains 29$. Now do you understand? It was just an example but it is a known fact that Sony and Microsoft started selling theirs at a loss.
  4. joshposh

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    You do have a valid point. Not sure how much they spent on R&D, but Nintendo is making money off of their portable gaming division and not much on the console side of things.

    What I think happened is that gamers grew up and the view on what is trending changes as well. Things need to evolve and Nintendo didn't. If two major contenders like Sony and Microsoft spend 100 of millions of dollars to convince everyone that bigger is better and graphics is king, and if the public bites into it, that landscape changes. The consumer changes. What's in the now changes.

    The Wii was a great console, but things have changed. They might not be losing money on each console sold, but they aren't selling that many console compared to the other 2 gorillas in the room.

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