Do You Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Muthoni, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Muthoni

    Muthoni Member Registered

    For the last one year, I have been working from home making money online. I have been my own boss. I miss the work environment and I am applying for jobs every day. In my last place of work I had a very strained relationship with my boss; he came onto me and I said no. If I know what I know now I would have stayed there and found a way to make double income. What about you?
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  2. MachoMan

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    Good on you for leaving! Bosses are in a place of power, those things shouldn't be let to fly. Power to you! In regard to your question, I have a very good relationship with my bosses. They are pretty chill with all things involved, but I feel like that could be that we are all good work employees, we work hard for her. It goes two ways, she's good to us, we're good to her!

    How has working from home been? I would assume it's tough but i know very little about it, maybe you could shed some light on that? :)
  3. RingoBerry

    RingoBerry New Member Registered

    I think its too early for me to tell if I can get along with my current boss. I've recently switched jobs. My last boss however was terrible, I'm hoping it won't end up the same way as my current one though it looks promising from where I stand. he's organized, does not randomly fire people than dump their work on you and demand you get it right even though its not exactly within my job description.
  4. bunbakaa

    bunbakaa New Member Registered

    I know how you feel about the boss coming on to you. This happened to me last year. He was older and was going to retire in the next 2 months so he started dropping little hints here and there and looks. He would say thinks and make me so uncomfortable and wouldn't respect my personal space. I told the other secretary in the office and she kept an eye on it but we never said or did anything about it because he was leaving soon. Thankfully he left and I have a new boss. Thankfully it is a woman who is happily married! It really is according on the situation that you are in and what kind of working environment you have. I couldn't afford to quit so I just had to make do.
  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member Registered

    Last year, I worked as a clerk at a University which happens to be my alma mater too. That was my first real job and I definitely learned a lot from it. I think my boss and I were pretty good, but we just didn't bond that much since she was my boss; she was superior, and I was just a newcomer. But after working at the Dean's office, I realized that the corporate world is not really for me. I just didn't like the politics around the office and some people were quite annoying too.
  6. Peachdejour

    Peachdejour New Member Registered

    I have a pretty good relationship with my boss. It's pretty comfortable because there are only two of us in the research department. I can literally say she is the best supervisor I have ever had because she is very supportive and allows me to work through work problems with critical thinking and is always willing to help.
  7. mooray

    mooray Member Registered

    I have a good relationship with my boss and I try to avoid conflict as much as possible. I just prefer working together than working apart.
  8. CemeteryGates23

    CemeteryGates23 New Member Registered

    My past job was with my father and my sister in the family's businesses, so yeah, I had a great relationship with my bosses... loved it. :D

    I recently came into the insurance industry and my boss is pretty cool. I'm 25 and he's 27, so it's cool having a young boss who is in a similar position in life and understand and supports me and my development in the company. His boss is awesome too. I'm actually loving my new job in pretty much every aspect. Lucky me, I guess! ;)
  9. lastpage

    lastpage Member Registered

    I stay at home as well, but my former boss was very good to me. I had been out of the work field for 2 years prior to that so my boss had to train me and was very patient with me even though she had a million different things she had to do.
  10. Cyclops

    Cyclops New Member Registered

    You should've charged him with assault or brought it up with HR, you shouldn't have to put up with that in the workplace.

    In my work I have to have a good relationship with my boss, it's only professional. We don't have to go out for drinks and whatnot but a good chat now and then keeps both of us amiable and friendly. I don't want to have to leave the company with a negative impression that's just bad for my career (and for my life in general).
  11. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member Registered

    In the past I've had mixed relationships with my bosses and I tend to be of the impression now that the less you have to interact with them the better.

    I just go in, do my job, cause no issues and get paid, and that at the end of the day is the main reason we go to work in the first place.

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