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  1. qadassa

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    I "cashed out" a few months ago, and didn't get anything YET. I doubt it'll give you real money though.
  2. nonsiccus

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    Is there a FAQ or anything like that on how all the credits are supposed to work and what they're used for? I mean, I can more or less guess that it's going to be used for flair and stuff like that, but it'd be nice to see some sort of guide. I know you mentioned that you'll be documenting it a bit better, but is there anything available currently?
  3. Gelsemium

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    LOL, so you lost all your money dana? Now you need to work hard to make more... :p I think it's a nice feature, for now I am pilling up. :)
  4. Stan

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    Here is as close of a faq as we currently have:
  5. nonsiccus

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    Thanks Stan.

    Are there any plans on implementing a feature where participants can "pledge" their credits towards site-wide goals?

    For example, if the total reaches $10,000 credits (or whatever arbitrary figure), then you can introduce a new forum skin or theme? Something like that. It'd be a good place for people to sink their credits while building a sense of community.
  6. Onfroi

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  7. qadassa

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    You have to go to the Store tab, located right next to the Forum tab below the MyGamer Logo.
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