Best Time of Year to Buy New Games?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by prose, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. prose

    prose Member Registered

    Here we are in October, only a little over one month away from the biggest sale season of the year, Thanksgiving weekend. Big stores such as Walmart and Best Buy as well as smaller video game stores such as Game Stop and others often have Black Friday sales on gaming consoles and games. Are the deals during Black Friday on gaming consoles and games really worth it? What is the best time of year that you have found to purchase game consoles or games? What's the best Black Friday gaming deal you have ever found?
  2. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    There is usually a great deal on Black Friday each year. And usually some good sales leading up to Xmas. But at the same thing, this is the time of year that all the great games are released so gamers often have to be choosy from both a financial or time point of view.
  3. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom Member Registered

    Given that I am a PC gamer, I believe that the best time of the year to purchase new games is whenever Steam hosts one of their 4 huge seasonal sales. Spring, Summer, Halloween or Holiday Sale, it's a fantastic opportunity to buy new games, and a cheap one at that!
  4. Stay Puft

    Stay Puft Member Registered

    @GlacialDoom is right in regards to the Steam sale... They're amazing, and I have a huge amount of unplayed games in my Steam library because of it, lol.

    Black Friday or Boxing Day is usually huge for me in terms of getting games. I've picked up some solid games like Tomb Raider for the Xbox 360 for $20, or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition for $10 so I really can't complain.
  5. Shoobie de la Doggo

    Shoobie de la Doggo Member Registered

    Thanksgiving weekend is definitely the best time to get games on the cheap. I'm actually hoping to nag some PSN cards for cheap this year!

    On PC, though, it's definitely as GlacialDoom said, the 4 big Steam sales. They go on for a long while each and provide great discounts on many many many games!

    Of course, though, there's usually some sales during non-special days such as PSN's random Flash Sales, it's good to keep an eye out for those kinda sales since sometimes they have even better discounts than holiday sales.
  6. Vegito12

    Vegito12 Member Registered

    I think it can be June and July as these are times the games on Steam were cheaper and will be amazing to see October and December specials as Christmas may give people an opportunity to buy more games, and spend time with family as well in the process. I reckon that it will be good to buy more games when it is on special and also would like to buy more horror games, and also some more point and click games which are nice to play and enjoy the story. It is interesting to see the games released in game stores and also the Steam site as you can save some money as well, and spend it on other things.
  7. dillinger10

    dillinger10 Member Registered

    For me, I generally end up buying somewhere between 8-10 games on Black Friday. Typically games that I have been wanting to play but not willing to pay full price/pre-order. The downside to this is that my backlog keeps getting bigger and bigger; I am a sucker for $10 games that I may only have a passing interest in. It's $10, how can I say no?

    I am anxiously awaiting the release of this years Black Friday ads which should be on the way any day now. The best part is almost all retailers allow you to buy online meaning I don't even need to leave my house to get the best deals.
  8. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    Since I mostly buy from steam, I found the best time to be the Summer Sale, and sometimes the Winter Sale can have good games on decent discounts. But whenever summer sale is there, my wallet begs me to go easy on it :p
  9. bittersblue

    bittersblue New Member Registered

    Gotta say, nothing has compared to the steam summer sale for me. I feel like stuff on steam goes on sale pretty frequently but I'm trying to tough it out till summer because of how many good deals I managed to snag last time. I got both the portal games for like barely above $5, I got Skyrim, the Assassin's Creed games, and a couple other random ones for $4.99.

    I haven't been gaming long enough to see the Black Friday deals going on so I'm looking forward to that this year!
  10. artyarson

    artyarson New Member Registered

    My answer won't surprise anyone. It's definitely a Black Friday. Everything goes down in price on those dates.
  11. madetofly

    madetofly New Member Registered

    I'm not exactly sure what month, but you definitely should expect the prices to go up next to Christmas and most of the holidays. I think the Black Friday might be the best day of the entire years to buy them, if you live in the US of course.

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