As a PC gamer, what is your opinion on controllers?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by MisterRay97, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. MisterRay97

    MisterRay97 Member Registered

    I personally prefer the mouse and keyboard for most games, but I enjoy certain games like platformer (Rayman Legends, Trine, Mark of the Ninja, etc. types) and racing games with an Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows.
  2. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    As an old school PC Gamer, I must say, that I am not really good with a controller, and never have been. I totally prefer using a keyboard and mouse setup. But you certainly have a point, that, platformers and also beat `em up games work much better with a controller. Playing games like MK, Injustice or Street Fighter on the keyboard is a disaster. :D
  3. FreddyMac

    FreddyMac quackquackquack Registered

    I've found that most non-FPS/RPG games map better to a controller. Playing Just Cause 2 KB+M gives me a headache, Dying Light just doesn't feel good, and for racing games, well...a keyboard has no sensitivity to acceleration or turning.

    I ususally keep my controller next to me when playing Battlefield, the vehicles work well with a controller, but the shooty side of things are painful without the mouse.

    I suppose part of this is that I've always been a mixed platform player. I learnt to play games watching PC players, had my own PC, got a PS2, then 360, then back to PC.
  4. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh New Member Registered

    I started off with hand held controllers for video games way back in the 90s, then switched to PC games using the standard keyboard and mouse. For a few years I also played PC games using controllers and found them to be more intuitive than typing. Nowadays though I play on iPad and it's hard to beat the touch screen experience.
  5. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    Touch screen definitely works for games made exclusively for that platform, but I don`t see how you can play games that requires you to have great reflexes on a touchscreen. However, I can imagine touchscreens to replace mouse and keyboard for strategy games, turn based games and RPGs in the future.
  6. guruproto

    guruproto New Member Registered

    It depends on the type of game I'm playing, but I prefer keyboard and mouse. The amount of customization and options on the keyboard outperform a controller, and you can't achieve the precision of a mouse with an analog stick. This is especially the case in FPS games, where every twitch reason and split second counts. MMOs and strategy games with multiple commands are the same deal.

    Of course, a controller can feel more comfortable, since you have the option of lounging on the couch or laying back deep in a plush pillow with a controller. You can't do that with a keyboard.
  7. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh New Member Registered

    Yes, touch screen only works for a limited number of games and I happen to play them regularly. What it is done though is taken away the need for controllers, keyboards and mouse, and also it doesn't wear and tear. The other day at a customer's location they had installed a XBOX F1 simulation with proper seats and steering wheels. I wont be able to get something like that installed at home atleast not in the near future. I also cannot imagine those kind of games being played on a touchscreen.
  8. mtayp01

    mtayp01 New Member Registered

    I only use my good old keyboard and mouse when playing, but lately, I've been leaning towards wanting to buy a controller for the more "heavy" games. I use my PC for typing documents for work as well, so I'm worried I might end up beating my keyboard up so much it might break!

    (If you know of any good controllers I should consider buying, then suggestions would be much appreciated!)
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  9. Stay Puft

    Stay Puft Member Registered

    @mtayp01 I'd suggest just going with an Xbox 360 controller. If you have a wired one, you can plug it in directly into a USB port and Windows will recognize it. If you want to use a wireless controller, you can get a wireless dongle for the PC from eBay for fairly cheap. I've been using a X360 controller with my PC for years now and it works great.

    There are some games, especially 3rd person, where a controller just feels right.
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  10. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly New Member Registered

    Games like Bastion and They Bleed Pixels I will always play with a controller. I believe that as PC gamers we are given a choice of the controller we get to use and we should totally abuse that to the fullest extent if we so wish.

    I play on PC because it gives me more options, I can pick from a larger pool of games and I can have them with a larger array of settings/options. I can also have them with whatever controller I prefer and that is why I like being a PC gamer. I think the controls that make sense to play a game with won't be exactly the same for everyone and I like choice.
  11. FreddyMac

    FreddyMac quackquackquack Registered

    I use my wireless controller for the headset microphone!

    It's actually a decent quality mic, and I've already got it, so why not! Trouble is, the damn controller switches off if its idle, so you need to wedge a button or plug it in.
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  12. mtayp01

    mtayp01 New Member Registered

    @Stay Puft thank you! I think I'll end up buying an Xbox 360 controller. I'm actually going out in a few minutes to look for one! haha
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  13. Hero

    Hero New Member Registered

    When I play emulators, then yeah I will use a controller. But if its PC games like CS:GO or Smite, then no, I would prefer the keyboard and mouse. Controllers for those types of games make the game very challenging.
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  14. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly New Member Registered

    I must admit I do agree, It think it rally depends on the user but you should use whatever input device is most comfortable or easiest to play the game on. You don't want to have to break up play figuring out what button does this or that. I would never dream of seriously trying to use a controller for a game like League of Legends.
  15. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member Registered

    That is a good point. As PC gamers, we can play with a controller for games that play better with one, but also, can return to the classic mouse and keyboard setup if we wish. The only thing that we cannot play yet, are console exclusives, but that might change in the future.
  16. waterm94

    waterm94 New Member Registered

    I bought a controller to use with my PC, but I'm yet to actually use it with any game so far. Every time I start a new game, I try both controller and keyboard/mouse, and the latter is always more comfortable.
  17. aboleth_lich

    aboleth_lich Member Registered

    To me, a preference for a controller over a keyboard-and-mouse is extremely game specific.

    On a PC, I would always play a FPS like DOOM with a keyboard as intended--but find that such games also work well when played on a console using their controller, such as the N64's GoldenEye.

    Conversely, I must use a keyboard-and-mouse for RTS games like StarCraft or simulation games like SimCity. I find using a controller when playing the console versions of such games extremely awkward and unnatural.

    Flight games like StarFox or Battlestar Galactica are the precise opposite case: I have to use a controller for such games, and find using a keyboard rather awkward.

    Moreover, when playing with an emulator on my PC: I try to use a controller that's as similar to the original console's controller as possible. Indeed, that's another case where playing with a keyboard feels awkward and unnatural--especially old school platformers and the like.
  18. DownrightFierce

    DownrightFierce New Member Registered

    I used to get these cheap-o two-piece-controllers-in-one for like 300PHP (about 6.50USd) so we could play 2-player fighting games. Now I have two wireless 360 controllers for PC, and they work great for most of my gaming needs.

    I only use mouse+keyboard for RTS's and some RPG's. Basically if a game does support controller, then that's probably what I'll be using.
  19. lamanlupa

    lamanlupa Member Registered

    If you're playing games, especially RPGs and network games, the old mouse and keyboard configuration is enough to give you the control that you need to enable your characters in the game, but if you require more mobility out of your characters, controllers/joysticks will be best. Nothing beats it as far as going from point A to point B in my humble opnion.
  20. Vegito12

    Vegito12 Member Registered

    I think controllers can make some games easier to play like the Dragon Age Origins game and the Witcher game where having a controller can make it easy in the fights, as sometimes on the PC it can be challenging to control the camera and controls. It does take time to get used to the controls on the keyboard as some buttons have to be set up so you can play the game, and can take some practice and remember playing Dragon Age Origins and it took me some time to understand the controls. I use a joystick sometimes when pressing the buttons on the PC get's hard and enjoy being able to move my character around easier, and gives more freedom when using a joystick as it is easy to control and better in some games.
  21. Shoobie de la Doggo

    Shoobie de la Doggo Member Registered

    There's nothing wrong with controllers, they just fit some games better than KBAM does. For example, you wouldn't play an RTS with a controller right? Well, you wouldn't play a hack-and-slash game with KBAM either, right?

    PC gamers should at the very least accept that certain games just couldn't possibly work well with KBAM and stop trying to, for example, try to plow through Dark Souls with KBAM.

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