Are the Vita games worth it?

Discussion in 'Sony PSP / Vita' started by japanesewaterbottle, May 5, 2015.

  1. japanesewaterbottle

    japanesewaterbottle New Member Registered

    I'm thinking of getting either a Vita or the new 3DS. I only have the money to buy one of them. My main consideration is the game selection. I've heard there are a lot of good games for the 3DS, but I don't know much about the Vita games. Do you have any thoughts on this?
  2. Ridge

    Ridge Member Registered

    Both have a good library, 3DS probably has a brighter future...

    What kind of games do you like?
  3. japanesewaterbottle

    japanesewaterbottle New Member Registered

    I generally like fantasy RPG's and side scrollers. I bought the DS Lite just for the Castlevania games, and I bought the PSP just for Crisis Core. Why do you think 3DS has a brighter future?
  4. Ridge

    Ridge Member Registered

    The Vita hasn't really had a lot of support recently(some may say never), where as the 3DS is still going.

    That being said, if you like RPGs and Castlevania like games you'll love the Vita. There are enough JRPGs to play for almost ever, plus so many PS1 classics. So you can play all the PS1 era JRPGs and Castlevania games on the Vita too.
  5. japanesewaterbottle

    japanesewaterbottle New Member Registered

    Is it safe to assume that the 3DS is continuing the trend of the DS in that the majority of the games are kid-friendly? If so, I think that the Vita is the right handheld for me. I don't have much patience for kid-friendly games.
  6. yeppeo

    yeppeo New Member Registered

    I think it will depend on what games you like. I don't own a PSVita but I was willing to buy one only to play some Japanese Visual Novels (Corpse Party for example) but I ended up buying a 2DS because of Pokemon and Zelda. I guess they're worth it if you like them ;)
  7. LemonyPinkness

    LemonyPinkness LemonyPinkness Registered

    I have both and much prefer the VITA, despite the 3DS's brighter future and larger catalog. I don't like the dual screen, the stylus mechanics, or visual format in its game. I much prefer how games play out on a single screen using controls I can manipulate like a modern controller. The VITA is killer for RPGs and Japanese games in general. It feels like most developers don't really know what to do with the 3DS's touch screen and have to settle for a gimmick.
  8. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    There are a ton of great games on 3DS. All the 1st party Nintendo stuff is mostly gold. There are some solid eShop titles too. But as an alternative to a Vita, remember PS TVs are still out there if you wanted to play on the big screen.

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