Anyone fall in love with Alundra?


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May 5, 2015
I fell so in love with the PS1 game Alundra that it's become my nickname. I played it for hours every night when I was very young, perhaps 12-14, and became so familiar with the characters. I cried when Jess called me his son, and when he died. I ran into my dad bawling because "Jess died and he said I was like a son to him" and it took my dad way too long to console me :oops:.

After that people started calling me Alundra and I would respond without noticing. It became a bit of a joke on me, so I started using it as my name on the internet. Later people would call me Lunny for short, and then I coined Alunny to make it feel more like the original name.

But back to the game itself, I believe it was pretty revolutionary for its time. It was so involved and difficult the developers had to release solutions for some of the puzzles ha ha. I got stuck in the crypt where you have to pay respects to the ghosts for almost 5 days before I learned I could look up solutions online. I started playing it again recently though and got it within the first dozen tries so maybe my grown up brain can process the clues better? Or maybe it was dumb luck! ha ha ;)

I did buy and try Alundra 2 but it's an awful mess and I hate it. It feels like a completely different game. :( :mad:


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May 8, 2015
I really love Alundra (or all of working design's games. I know they're just the publisher and not developer but still lol).

Have you played the older games? Landstalker is VERY good, it's a sega genesis game

And Time Stalkers (also released as Climax Landers) (same game, 2 names) on Dreamcast

They are directly related to Alundra

I agree Alundra 2 sucks bad.

But give Ladstalker and Time Stalkers a go :)


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Oct 17, 2015
It was a pretty cool game, but I was much too young when I had it. I hadn't really learned English back then (not my native language, obviously :p) so it was pretty tough trying to figure everything out and obviously missing out on the good stuff that are dialogues, plot, etc...
Regardless, it was probably the first traditional RPG I ever actually owned rather than played at someone else's place, so I have very fond memories of it despite not progressing significantly into the game. I still vividly remember the ambiance and the music (got the soundtrack in my computer). :)