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  1. Picaleto

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    I've been looking to upgrade my AMD Radeon 6000HD series, and I'm literally the only one of my friends using an AMD graphics card now. What are you guys using, and what do you think I should go for next? Other than a partnership between AMD and Intel, there's little more non-numerical proof I can find to suggest either of them are better. I'm wary of price, so a card the performs mildly better isn't going to be worth the extra money to me.
  2. MisterRay97

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    I tend to choose NVIDIA because they usually run on lower temperature and have better software (like better drivers, stuff like ShadowPlay, etc.) compared to AMD cards. However, I really believe that it depends on individual cards and not the brand. Some AMD cards may be better for a certain factor than an NVIDIA card and vice versa.
  3. Axel

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    Tbh The only strong point that AMD's cards have against Nvidia's is the prices. They have very decent cards for the mid-range price level. I remember back in 2011 when I bought my HD7750, I didn't go with an Nvidia because I couldn't afford them. The only one I could afford was the 8800GT but it was already old by that time so I had to pick AMD, and I'm glad they were there to cover me.

    As competing brands, I prefer Nvidia simply because they're always ahead of AMD when it comes to performance cards, but then again I really want to support AMD even without using their cards simply because the competition is a good thing for us consumers. My current PC has an Nvidia GTX 970, but my old PC (which I gave to my young siblings) is still in very good condition with that 7750. It's a really powerful card considering its price and size, not to mention low power consumption (that PC runs on a 400W supply). Things are looking quite grim for AMD though. Apparently Google may start manufacturing CPUs as well, guess they'll replace AMD in that market?
  4. Kazix

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    AMD is a better company and their price/performance is better. That being said my next video card most likely will be Nvidia. AMD has been in the red (working with losses) for quite some time and sadly it's quite possible they'll go bankrupt in a couple of years. If you ever consider moving to Linux (because Linux gaming is developing quite nicely and it only will get better with Vulkan API), then you should know that AMD has horrible Linux driver support. Some of my friends are able to play Steam games in Linux with Nvidia cards with minimal FPS losses, while AMD runs at 1/3 of Windows FPS in Linux.

    Of course Nvidia is not without a fault either (for example the recent Nvidia Experience fiasco), but they are smarter when it comes to business.
  5. Mandhlenkhosi

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    I go for AMD all day, simply because I can't support Nvidia's business practises. Practises such as the 3.5gb GTX 970, which they lied about, or the GTX 660 TI. It's stuff like that which moves me over to Team Red for my GPUs. Nvidia makes good cards, but as a company I simply despise them.
  6. zombie23

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    I've got an AMD. Never had any performance issues with it. It is especially nice since I play Counter Strike and high fps is extremely important and my AMD runs flawlessly. I've had NVIDIA before, but wasn't particularly impressed by with it compared to my new AMD. My old NVIDIA repeatedly had temperature issues, but even though my AMD is overclocked it stays cool.

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