3DS or Sony Handhelds?

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS / DS' started by Setari, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Setari

    Setari New Member Registered

    With the new 3DS releasing, what do you guys think Sony is going to come up with next to counter it? They even released it outside of announcing it at E3, which is a big move for Nintendo, but then again they don't necessarily follow everyone else's suit.

    I really want to pick up one of the new 3DSs. They look pretty cool to use... plus I could trade Pokemon with myself since I have X and Y along with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

    Anyway, has anyone heard anything from Sony or even Microsoft about a new handheld console?
  2. TonyMHFan

    TonyMHFan Member Registered

    If the Vita is to follow the PSP's life which it has so far then sometime near the end of the year we'll have a Vita revision.
  3. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Member Registered

    Definitely Nintendo handhelds over Sony. I really don't like the PSP. I've never owned one, but I've used it on more than one occasion. I would just so much rather the 3DS.
  4. Squigly

    Squigly Undead Gamer Registered

    Handheld gaming as a whole is on quite a decline, with mobile and tablet gaming taking over. I feel that the DS has much stronger exclusives (e.g. Pokemon, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter) that make it the better choice.
  5. Hybridlullaby

    Hybridlullaby New Member Registered

    The PlayStation Vita seems to be more for anime style games. It seems to be the biggest platform for them right now. Nintendo has always seemed to have the edge over the Vita and PSP because of games like were previously mentioned, mostly Pokémon. I have always preferred the Nintendo consoles because of Pokémon. I would use PlayStation TV before I would the Vita because I prefer larger screens for anime style gaming.
  6. ZXD22

    ZXD22 New Member Registered

    I had always prefered Nintendo over Sony handhelds primarily for one reason, Mario and Pokémon. Don't get me wrong, Sony had crash up and about for awhile now, but thanks to the new owners of the franchise, it just wasn't the same. Mario too isn't as fun as it was before, but it was just one of my favorite child hood video game characters. That and Nintendo has been incorporating Sonic and his gang has been a huge plus, all of this while on the go! Yes I agree Nintendo more or so leans greatly on cartoonish graphics rather than realistic graphics unlike Sony, but that is very debatable.
  7. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    I've always felt that with the consoles between Nintendo and Sony was like comparing apples to oranges.

    I've generally played Nintendo handhelds because of the lower price point and because it carried a lot of games that I've grown up playing. That being said, my ex had a PSP and the graphics were better than the DS and had more serious games on it. However I never got one myself because of the price point and there wasn't enough natively released games to grab my interest, but there were lots of import titles that cost a fortune that seemed like a lot of fun...
  8. MikeyPaine

    MikeyPaine New Member Registered

    I don't know what they'll come up with next, but I don't have high hopes for it in the US. I also don't think I'll buy it unless it's a giant success. So many Sony handhelds have just crashed and burned (especially over here) and I just don't have faith the new whatever will last long enough for me. Also not generally a fan of JRPGs, which seem like the bread and butter of the various PSPs.
  9. yeppeo

    yeppeo New Member Registered

    Nintendo imo, unless you're planning to play visual novels or japanese games. I feel the PSVita is kind of dying while the DS still has some future ahead, but in the end it depends of what games you like to play.
  10. Personablue

    Personablue New Member Registered

    Neither at this point of time, when the next Nintendo handheld is right around the corner. Just wait till E3 if you still haven't bought it yet. The 3ds is bound to get a price cut soon. PS VITA imo, is a fading brand. There is no future for it. Sony itself is distancing themselves from this brand. Even the PS vita TV was re branded as PS TV.

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