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  1. SLTE

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    Does anyone own the 2DS over the 3DS? I'm the only one of my friends who does, and I'm honestly surprised about it. I prefer the 2DS. Yes, it doesn't have the 3D, but on the few games where I've tried it out I always wanted to turn the 3D off anyway. I also find the straight-faced design of the 2DS more comfortable to hold over long periods of time.

    Also? Cheaper. Cheaper is gooder, yes?
  2. squallsnake

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    I want a NEW 3DS but not the XL version... and without the dumb Animal Crossing face plate. I just want a plain black NEW 3DS.
  3. yeppeo

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    I own a 2DS but I bought it because, like you mentioned 1) it was cheaper and 2) I have poor eyesight so the 3D wasn't really for me. I like it very much, but it's kind of an hassle to take out, and we need to be so careful not to ruin the screen.

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