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XBOX 360 Price Leak?


[b] By: Scott Schopman[/b]

I got an email in the MyGamer news box today stating the supposed leak of the price of the Xbox 360. The source of the leak is said to be from Wal-Mart employee?s saying that the price of Microsoft?s next-generation console will be that of $299 and games such as [i]Perfect Dark Zero[/i] and [i] Project Gotham Racing 3[/i] will be retailing at $59.99, a 10 dollar increase to this generations standard game price of $49.99.

Although the increase of price for game titles was to be expected, the price for the 360 itself is very surprising when prior thought was aimed toward the 400 dollar area. This will also undoubtedly put pressure on Sony who have hinted that its next-generation system, the PlayStation 3, could retail in anywhere from 400 to 500 dollars.

The price of the system was not the only thing that was supposedly leaked, the arrival date for the Xbox 360 is said to be November 4th. All though no one prior to these leaks knew the date this was to be suspected due to Microsoft stating that it will be in gamers hands by the end of 2005.

Now note again this is all unconfirmed from Microsoft since they have not come out officially with a price or arrival date for the Xbox 360. But if it does turn out to be true then lets all get happy because the price is defiantly better then what was expected.

We will keep you up to date if anything else come up on this announcement.

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