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Xbox 360 continues to struggle in Japan


Somewhere, Peter Moore and the rest of his Xbox team are sobbing. Despite the Xbox 360?s success in North America, Australia and the UK, the system continues to struggle in Japan.

In a data survey conducted by Famitsu magazine, 113,000 Xbox 360 units have been sold in the land of the Land of the Rising Sun, a number that fails in comparison to Sony?s 1.4 million PS2 systems. In fact, after just a handful of weeks, both the PS3 and Wii have trumped the 360?s year to date sales. The most crushing blow? Nintendo?s Gameboy micro managed to outsell the 360 by approximately 37,000 units. Ouch indeed.

The numbers are even more frustrating when taking into account that Microsoft put a rather large push behind making the new system profitable after seeing the original Xbox go almost unnoticed overseas. After seeing little response to Japan only games and bundles, Microsoft is hoping the newly released RPG Blue Dragon can spark interest in the console.

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