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XBLA Permanent Sale


Starting sometime early this week, Microsoft will be releasing a firmware update to Xbox Live users.  Along with the new update, several XBLA games will be dropping in price.  Here is a list of games that will drop in price: 

[b]Bankshot Billiards 2: 800 MS Points

Lumines Live!: 800 MS Points

Marble Blast Ultra: 400 MS Points

Small Arms: 400 MS Points

Zuma Deluxe: 400 MS Points[/b]


In the next few weeks, Microsoft will be releasing more games to the XBLA.  Here is a list of upcoming games: 

Arkadian Warriors (Sierra Online)

Brain Challenge (Gameloft)

GripShift (Sidhe Interactive)

N+ (Slick Entertainment and Metanet Software Inc.)

Omega Five (Hudson Entertainment)

Poker Smash (Void Star Creations)

Rez HD (Q Entertainment)

Sensible World of Soccer (Codemasters)

The price point of these games has not been released, but it is probably a safe assumption that they will cost between 400-800 MS Points. One thing is certain, however, players need to keep their eyes pointed towards the XBLA. 

Let’s hope some more games drop in price in the near future as well (Prince of Persia and Puzzle Fighter come to mind, even though they are worth every penny that they are sold for now).

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