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X-Wing Developer Totally Games to Develop for PSP


[a][aa]Totally Games[/a], a developer of the world-renowned and critically acclaimed [i]X-Wing[/i] series of computer games, announced today plans to develop a new game project for the PlayStation Portable system. The new project will make special use of the PSP?s 3D capabilities, and is described as a ?run and gun blast-a-thon?drawing its inspiration from such timeless arcade classics as Robotron and Smash TV.? The as-yet-untitled game will be published by SEGA of America.

What is of particular significance about this announcement is that this new project is spurring a new recruitment drive by Totally Games, as they will be hiring to cover ?the gamut of skills and specialties necessary to create a top tier, ?totally involving? game.? Game developer wannabes, this could be your prime opportunity to break in, so check out their [a][aa]job listings[/a] to see if they have a position which could have your name on it.

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