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Wolf of the Battlefield Hits Live Arcade, PSN (SF2 Beta Does Not)


Ever feel like you've been had? Well, almost anybody who bought Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 on the Xbox Live Arcade does right now. PSN users likely don't, though. With a game whose chief selling point was "it has a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix online trial," many fighting game fans (such as myself) waited anxiously for the game to hit the 360 Marketplace (the PSN didn't have the beta available) specifically to play the beta, a la Dragon Quest VIII including the demo for Final Fantasy XII.

Unfortunately for those who saw the game and instantly splurged 800 points on the game…they were met with an error note that the information can't be found on Xbox Live. The reason? The beta for the game doesn't open for two weeks (June 25). Far be it from me to say (or attach a piece of art suggesting) that Capcom screwed fans desperate for Street Fighter action…but putting "in two weeks" next to the promotion line that it's in there (yes, it's actually in the game's description) would've been nice.

Stick with MyGamer for further news once we can actually play the game.

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