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Wii Zapper Kills Birds


Mastiff announced Remington Great American Bird Hunt for Wii, the latest in its popular series of outdoor action games. With arcade-style scoring, an arsenal of authentic Remington shotguns, and more than 50 trophies and power-ups to earn, Remington Great American Bird Huntis a fast-paced and fun take on the sport of bird hunting. Remington Great American Bird Hunt challenges players to hunt through 60 levels of birds including turkeys, ducks, grouse and pheasants. Each type of bird calls for unique strategies and weapons. Players will find themselves well-equipped with Remington shotguns that look, feel and shoot like the real things. With a little help from Rockford, their trusty retriever, players will be ready to take on whatever flies their way.

Remington Great American Bird Hunt supports up to four players with a robust multiplayer system that includes competitive and cooperative modes for both teams and individuals. Hunting Party Mode, for two to four players, makes Remington Great American Bird Hunt the perfect party game. Remington Great American Bird Hunt is optimized to work with the Wii Remote or the Wii Zapper accessory. "With Remington Great American Bird Hunt, our goal was to make a fun hunting game, one you could enjoy equally by yourself or with your friends, something that anyone could pick up and immediately enjoy yet would be true to the sport of bird hunting" said Bill Swartz, Head Woof at Mastiff.

Remington Great American Bird Hunt will be available in November 2009.

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