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Wartime Command: Battle for Europe 1939-1945


Wartime Command will capture both the tactics and the emotions of being a commander in WWII?s key battles. Designed to take players closer to the entire, gruelling war experience than any strategy game previously launched. Over 100 missions will see the player in command of troops and units through historic WWII battles, played out on authentically represented battlefields and other locations, from the European theatre of World War II. The game?s key attraction is the realistic and personally intense detail in which the game portrays the 6-year war. ‘Wartime Command’ will accurately recreate hundreds of British, American, German, French, Soviet and other troops and units, complete with appropriate uniforms and weaponry.

* Covering WWII’s major European battles from the invasion of Poland and France in 1939-40, through the war on the Eastern Front and the fall of Germany in 1945.

* Choose to fight with Allied or Axis armies from nine nationalities including British, American German, French and Russian.

* Over three hundred individual units in thirty-three European locations, in over one hundred battles.

* Every mission is based on historical events, in real locations re-constructed using precise maps, aerial and period photography.

* Incredible game detail ? individual AI per soldier, authentic uniforms, weapons, vehicles, planes and equipment accurately recreated using military blueprints.

* Battle tactics involve reconnaissance, covert operations, rescues, city skirmishes and assaults, ambushes and sabotage.

* Unit behaviour is affected on morale, experience and skills.

* Your unit’s ability to fight effectively as a team to overcome the enemy is dependent on morale, experience and skills. Each soldier has thirty-six personal and combat attributes which can advance through the game, so the more campaigns you engage in, the more skills your unit develop and the greater the bond becomes between you and your men.

* As your game progresses and you negotiate the various campaigns, your units are continually rewarded with promotions and decorations. Their achievement, honor and success is your own.

* Single and multiplayer options including allied or axis missions for each campaign and four specialist multiplayer modes all of which are fully customizable.

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