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Warhound Pushed Back


Written By: Travis Johnson


Techland (of [i]Call of Juarez[/i] fame) has recently confirmed that the release of [i]Warhound[/i] for Xbox 360 and PS3 will be pushed back to from late 2007 to an undetermined date in 2008.  [i]Warhound[/i] is a FPS which will set gamers in the shoes of an ex-Delta Force soldier turned mecenary.  Techland is billing [i]Warhound[/i] to be an open-ended shooter, which will give gamers an unprecidented level of freedom.  Gamers can gather their own intelligence, and choose their own weapons and strategies to reach their goals.  Training in the game will also play a significant role in acquiring abilities and acheiving success in your missions and the overall venture.

A fact sheet was also released concerning [i]Warhound[/i].  Key features include:

• Unprecedented freedom of choice in an FPS –
• Tackle missions in the order you choose, create your own path through each mission's objectives
• Plan your tactics and equipment load-outs
• Buy satellite photos, recon data and other intelligence about the battlefield situation
• Pick a deployment time and location, then pay for the means of getting in and getting out

• Character development –
• Train your character in several skills, including climbing, repair, and weapons proficiency
• Skills are earned and developed as in the real world – for ex., shooting ranges improve accuracy, running tracks and climbing walls boosts cover and movement skills
• Develop and use skill specializations to gain advantages in combat; new skills offer fresh opportunities for advancement through the mercenary ranks, and new ways to complete missions

• FPP cover system –
• For the first time in FPP/FPS games, you’ll be able to use the innovative cover system, which will forever change your way of looking at FPS games. Use items, trees, buildings and other elements of the environment to hide from the torrent of bullets. Shoot at your enemies from behind safe covers.

• Detailed and realistic economy –
• Earn money for each successful mission and by selling materials picked up on the battlefield
• Use your newly earned riches to buy weapons, ammo and new gadgets
• Invest in learning new skills

• Constantly changing battlefields –
• Every mission is laid out differently each time you play it, enemy units take up new positions, post new patrols, lay traps in different locations, set up ambushes, etc.
• Enemy A.I. takes into account how you're playing the mission, and counters with unique strategies and tactics

• Interactive, destructible game environments
• A fully interactive environment means plenty of surprises for the enemy – destroy buildings they are hiding in, set villages on fire to "smoke them out", cause avalanches and knock down trees to clear your line of fire or to create obstacles for the enemy and cover for you

• Rivalry with other mercenaries.
• Climb up the career ladder and increase your reputation among the elite mercenaries of the world
• Successful players will earn prestige among their peers, which leads to better and more lucrative contracts

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