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Voice Acting


Recently on prolific voice actor extraordinaire, Mr. Michael Bell was interviewed by our wonderful editor (or “she who must be obeyed” as we’ve come to know her), Ms. Rachel E. Peterson. This interview focused mainly on Mr. Bell’s ongoing career in video games and how he evaluates his work opportunities in direct relationship to the future of the industry.

On the whole, the interview was a light-hearted affair and Mr. Bell showed himself to be nothing short of a perfectly charming interviewee. However, one question posed to Mr. Bell touched upon a nerve with which I plan to twang during the course of this article. Here is the relevant snippet from the interview:

Question 10: In the past few years, movie and television stars have been muscling their way into voice actor’s turf. Now, even video games are starting to feature the likes of David Duchovny and Ray Liota. Why do you think they are so eager not to be seen? Do you feel threatened at all by the change?

Answer: Let’s get real. They are not eager to be seen. They are just eager to work. Above all

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