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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Preview

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Preview

It’s only been seventeen years since the pioneering Bloodlines title was released; so we’re confident that the plot will still be fresh in the minds of gamers as Bloodlines 2 prepares for release some time this year. With a seventeen-year gap, Bloodlines 2 has original fans excited and has piqued the interest of new fans alike.

Originally set to release in the first quarter of this year (2021), Bloodline 2 has again been delayed, with no new release date announced; we can only hope it’s not 2038.

Bloodlines 2 Premise

Bloodlines 2 is an action-based RPG in which you play a bloodthirsty vampire on the prowl through the streets of Seattle. Brought into the vampire world during a ‘mass embrace’, you are still coming to terms with your newfound set of superpowers when you find yourself in the middle of an underground war, formed around the city’s macabre blood trade.


While conventional weaponry is available in Bloodline 2, the real fun lays in your vampiric abilities. As a ‘Thinblood’ you are host to numerous cool powers; under six differing disciplines. Here’s a short breakdown of what you will be able to do while stalking the moonlit streets of Emerald City:

Thinblood Disipline




Bruhah Discipline



Toreador Discipline


Malkalvian Discipline



Ventrue Discipline



Tremere Discipline


Bloodlines 2 – Summary

Bloodlines 2 shows all the signs of one hell of a fun game. From the deep exploration to the multitude of vampire-esque powers, there’s every room for plenty of variety and cool ways to overpower your enemies. The details on the story are pretty scarce at the moment but we do know the game will proffer an abundance of differing side-quests that will make this upcoming game a godsend to those that love to explore and garner XP; not to mention the trophy/achievement hunters among you.

This is a game that’s currently topping our radar and should hopefully be worth the short seventeen-year wait.

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