Uwe Boll goes Postal

Running with Scissors has announced that their flagship franchise, Postal, is going to be made into a feature length film at the hands of the infamous director Uwe Boll.

Boll claims that always controversial Postal is one of his favorite games of all time.

“I see it like a mirror for our society – funny, violent, absurd,” Stated Boll. “So then the movie must be powerful, strange, and so full of the game’s political incorrect outrageousness that if we do it correct, we will all probably end up in jail.”

Boll has already had a hand in creating some of the more recent game to film adaptations, including: House of the Dead, and Alone In The Dark. [i](ed. Oh, so HE was the guy responsible for those God-awful things?)[/i] He also has two game to film adaptations in the works with Bloodrayne and Dungeon Siege.

?Running with Scissors will be creatively involved in this film,? Running with Scissors? CEO Vince Desi said, ?from casting to the script.?

Postal is scheduled to begin shooting in 2006 and is slotted for a 2007 release.

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