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Unleash Your Inner Superstar


EA Sports has announced that the 360 version of Madden 2007 will feature a Superstar mode similar to the one found in the current gen (how much longer will the old consoles be “current”?) versions of the game.


Previously, Tiburon had decided to leave the version out, much to the disdain of gamers. After some internal discussion, the development team made the decision to push forward and implement the mode.


The Superstar mode will be slightly different from the current gen version; the focus of the mode will be on the field – playing games and developing your player through mini games. While you’re still able to get endorsements and hire or fire your agent, the movie script feature is out. (Don’t worry Tiburon, I doubt they’ll be missed.)


And oh how sweet the on the field action sounds. When building your player, you will choose which position you want to play. Once the game starts, you play only that position – no choosing the plays and no calling audibles (unless you’re the QB). The games will feature position-specific camera angles and analog controls that will create a unique play experience for each position.


The goal of the mode is to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Your career stats will determine if you’re worthy or not. To enhance the Hall of Fame feature, EA Sports has signed several hall of famers to be represented in the game. After certain criteria are met, you can unlock these players and then use them as templates for your next superstar.


Madden is shaping up and getting ready to ship out August 22. Check back here for more information or visit our forums to discuss your Madden fever.

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