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UFC: Sudden Impact


UFC: Sudden Impact brings fighting to the “ultimate” fans. Experience the full contact intensity found only in the Octagon. Create the Ultimate Fighter, train him to be a master and brawl you way through five different modes of play including the fan favorite, Tournament Mode, and an all-new, enhanced Story Mode.

* Officially licensed by the UFC.

* Become an Ultimate Fighter while throwing down some real-time cuts and bruising.

* Create, train and kick some butt with your fully customizable character or your favorite UFC fighter.

* Go head-to-head with over 35 real UFC fighters, including UFC superstars Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock and Matt Hughes.

* Unlock and unleash 10 secret hidden fighters.

* All new unique moves to each fighting style.

* Choose from 15 different fighting disciplines, new fighting positions and a greater variety of moves.

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