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Two New Arcade Games Coming to Live Arcade


Microsoft has confirmed that coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 this Wednesday July
18th, are joint head-liners [i]Bomberman Live[/i] from Hudson Entertainment for 800 MS
points, and [i]Yie Ar Kung Fu[/i] from Konami for 400 MS points.

Hudson Entertainment has created [i]Bomberman Live[/i] specifically for Xbox LIVE Arcade.
 Part of the award-winning franchise, it delivers unparalleled social gaming excitement
with high definition graphics, four-person local multiplayer and eight-person online
multiplayer over Xbox LIVE.  And to show there is no Bomberman out there quite like
yours, players now have over 10,000 unique ways to fully customize their Bomberman.

[i]Bomberman Live[/i] game features:

Prove you’re the best: Play at home with up to four players or hop online and challenge
the best Bombermen from around the world with up to eight players

Fully customizable Bomberman: With over 10,000 possible combinations, players can

Bomberman – from the gladiator outfit to the clown costume, or mix and match! Players can
make Bomberman as cute or menacing as they like

Do battle in eight exotic locations: Compete in eight striking arenas, each with their
own traps and gimmicks

Annihilate enemies with power-ups: Destroy blocks to reveal 16 distinct power-ups (and

In Konami's [i]Yie Ar Kung Fu[/i], you play as a fighter named Oolong.  Training his
whole life, Oolong is on a quest to become the ultimate champion. To fulfill his destiny,
Oolong must face and defeat masters of the throwing shuriken, nunchaku, bo, chain and
more at the Martial Arts Championship.  With enhanced graphics, hand painted backgrounds
and new achievements, this classic fighting game is sure to test any player’s skills.

[i]Yie Ar Kung Fu[/i] game features:

Choose to play the authentic arcade version or experienced the enhanced version, which
features stunning hand painted models and backgrounds mimicking traditional Japanese art

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