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Twin-Stick bullet hell Project AETHER announcement trailer here

Project AETHER

Project AETHER is a twin-stick Bullet Hell shooter inspired by classic giant-mech anime and game series, and wears those inspirations on its sleeve. Fans of Zone of the Enders and Neon Genesis Evangelion are going to have loads of fun with this one, as well as fans of classic Treasure bullet hell titles.

Developer Sleepy Spider Studio is proud to reveal their intergalactic twin-stick shooter title, Project AETHER, which launches on Steam next month, Monday, February 24th. To celebrate the announcement, the studio has created a brand-new trailer which highlights the intense action of the game. A playable demo is also now available on Steam.

Project AETHER is a high-octane love letter to retro twin-stick bullet hell games, as well as the classic giant-mech genre of anime series.

When a mysterious alien force invades from the depths of space, players take control of the prototype AETHER mech unit in an attempt to fight off the advancing threat.
Featuring a customisable loadout comprising of a combination of the player’s choice of two swappable ranged weapons and a melee sabre, any AETHER pilot will have the tools needed to take out enemies at both a long and short range. Truly skilled pilots will need to learn to harness the power of all of their available weapons to take down the enigmatic invaders.

Players will battle invading fleets and their giant boss ships across 9 levels, each with their own unique threats. Success will only be assured if quick reflexes and tactical thinking are used in combination with the unique abilities afforded by the AETHER unit.

Project AETHER will launch on Steam on February 24th, priced $12.99 / £10.29 / €10.79. A launch discount of 15% will be available.

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