True Crime: New York City puts detail to the City

[b] By: Scott Schopman[/b]

[b]Activision[/b] is looking to set high standards on their upcoming title, [i] True Crime: New York City[/i], with the announcement that they intend to make the most authentic depiction of New York City in a video game. And by the looks of it, seems they are on course to do just that.

They have made GPS-accurate streets of Manhattan (an for the handful of you that don?t know what GPS is, Global positioning System) filling in everything from subways, hundreds of interiors, internationally recognized landmarks to real neighborhoods in locations like Harlem, Chinatown and Times Square.

Players will navigate the virtual New York City by way of cabs, riding subways, walking and driving cars and motorcycles. Another thing that they have filled in is the realism of the type of people you will find in each section of the City, for instance you will find mass amounts of tourists amidst the lights and large buildings of Times Square, but predominantly find locals near the streets of Harlem.

Look for info coming soon on [i]True Crime: New York City[/i]

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