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Train Sim World 3 (PC) Review

Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 3 is your ticket to the world’s most comprehensive simulation of high-speed rail, commuter rail and modern urban transit systems. Hop on board your choice of train and embark on a thundering journey across one of three popular routes.

Train Sim World 3 is Deeply Immersive

Like a true simulation game, Train Sim World 3 pays ample attention to detail. On climbing aboard, you are met with a dashboard that would put a space shuttle to shame. Blinking lights, levers, switches, gauges and displays adorn the panel and throw into light the enormity of the task of operating a train.

At first, this is an intimidatingly daunting sight. The prospect of driving a train suddenly feels far more difficult than you have ever imagined. However, by playing through the short tutorial you will soon get to grips with the basics.

Without the tutorial, even getting your train to move an inch is akin to splitting the atom (unless, of course, you’re a train driver). Brakes need to be disengaged and gauges need to reading specific numbers before you can even think of flipping the reverser and applying some throttle.

All New Weather System

Train Sim World 3 boasts an all-new weather system, perfectly complimented with a fresh lighting system to bring it all to life. Drive your train through some of the most treacherous weather conditions known to man. Face off against high winds and power through torrential rain, thunderstorms, hail, and snow.

The Trains of Train Sim World 3

Aside from the plethora of trains from Train Sim World 2, Train Sim World 3 is host to three brand new trains to drive at break-neck speed:


The BNSF GE ES44C4 is a gargantuan locomotive. The American train was introduced in 2009 and uses its astronomically powerful 4400 horsepower engine to tow trains up to a mile long across the United States.


First hitting the rails in the eighties, the ICE 1 was Germany’s first mass-produced passenger train. Still used to this day, the high-speed train transports commuters at a whopping 280 KM/H.


The BR CLASS 395 ‘JAVELIN’ is, to this day, the United Kingdom’s quickest domestic commuter train. Launching from the famous St Pancras, this iconic train transports passengers between Ebbsfleet and Ashford stations at a respectable 224KM/H.

A Free Upgrade

If you currently own Train Sim World 2, we have some great news for you. Any owners of the previous game are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest installment. If you own a hard copy of Train Sim World 2, you can find out where to get your free upgrade code here.

Upgrading to TSW3 will also allow you to keep all of the trains and routes you collected in the last TSW outing.


Being a simulation game, Train Sim World 3 is a niche game. While there are many hours’ worth of fun to be had by the average gamer, the real appeal will be in the eyes of train enthusiasts, the world over. The levels of depth of the game may put off newcomers but are ideal for the trainspotters of the world.

Train Sim World 3 plays very much like the second game of the franchise but the increased performance and improved visuals set it light years ahead of its 2020 predecessor.

If you’re looking for a pick-up-and-play game, you’re probably better looking elsewhere. Train Sim World 3 takes time and patience to get to grips with but when you do, you are rewarded frivolously.

Train Sim World 3 is available now on PC and all major consoles. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now enjoy the game as a part of their library.

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