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This Tower Of Power Will Charge All your stuff

Power Tower

A company by the name of The Art of Power has created this Tower of power that charges both standard power outlet devices as well as two USB units.  This uniquely shaped device promises to charge up to 6 things at once.  Here are some official details:

The Tower features four standard power outlets, along with two USB charging ports, allowing for the powering of up to 6 devices, simultaneously. Featuring a sleek holder that neatly stores electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones, ensuring that your electronic devices are charged and stored safely!

The convenience of the TOWER device is perfect for those lacking the flexibility and strength to easily access the sources of electricity required to power devices into operation. The TOWER is convenient, safe and easy to use, and designed to stand within a few inches of the wall in the baseboard of which the power source is located.


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