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Top 10 Horror Games


There is nothing better than playing a video game in the dark and, for just one second, actually thinking “Could there be a flesh-eating Zombie in the closet preparing to make a meal of my delicious and surprisingly spicy innards?”

There are few games that create that kind of suspension of disbelief, but with the Halloween season upon us, we at Mygamer would like to offer up our Top 10 horror games of all time.

Number 10 – Splatterhouse: Two parapsychology majors, Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer, decide to visit the mysterious house of missing parapsychologist Dr. West as part of a college project. The house, known as Splatterhouse, is a gruesome place that certainly wouldn’t make it on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens. As Rick and Jennifer make their way into the house, the lights go out and Rick wakes up covered in blood and Jennifer is missing (queue crash of thunder and eerie music). He is also wearing a strange mask that imbues him with super strength – luckily for him – and so Rick sets out to find his girlfriend. Maybe his name should have been “Ash… housewares.”

Alright, the plot of Splatterhouse sounds like

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