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Three Straight Months of Silent Hill



Konami released haunting new details for Silent Hill, the genre defying survival horror experience. Coming into 2012, Silent Hill will be very busy with three games hitting retail stores nationwide.

First up, releasing nationwide on January 24th, is Silent Hill HD Collections. Silent Hill HD Collections serves as a tribute to the core Silent Hill fans by taking the most famous games of the series, Silent Hill 2 & 3, and re-mastering them in high-definition graphics and adding new voiceovers.

Next, coming in February, is Silent Hill Book of Memories, exclusively for the brand new PlayStation Vita handheld device. Book of Memories is an all-new game in the Silent Hill series, with a unique premise and storyline.  The story begins with a strange book that is received; inside that book is your entire life story and all of your memories.  You discover that by altering what's written… you can actually change the past.  You can write your own ideal history.  And for the first time ever in a Silent Hill game, it will support multiplayer, so friends can share in the fright in a co-op mode.

And finally, coming in March, is the highly anticipated Silent Hill Downpour, an all-new Silent Hill experience. Silent Hill Downpour follows the story of Murphy Pendleton, a convicted felon, who finds himself trapped in Silent Hill after his prison transport bus crashes. Silent Hill Downpour is the most expansive Silent Hill to date, as players can embark on side missions, explore the town and piece more of the mystery of Silent Hill together.

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