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Three great FREE GAMES to play right now

It’s easy to pass off free games as ‘pay-to-win’ or incomparable to some of the $70-plus AAA titles that populate the game store of today. However, to do so would be to pass on the opportunity of playing some surprisingly fun titles; all without having to put your hands in your pockets. The fact is, there have always been some pretty decent games in the ‘free’ section of your chosen platform’s store.

After recently writing a Rogue Company review, I decided to take a look at a few of the better titles you can play for free today.

#3 – Roblox

Despite the beyond-basic character models and general aesthetics, Roblox is home to some genuinely fun games. Rather than being a standalone title, Roblox is more of a digital box that holds a magnitude of games. As Roblox allow anyone to upload their game as a playable title, the only real limits are those of the developers as a collective. The result is a wide array of different games that often yield some interesting – and often insanely fun – results.

However, as you scroll through the many, many available free Roblox games you may see a pattern in game types. Tycoon, maze, and factory games riddle the ranks, but if you delve deep, you will soon find a hidden gem.

Top free games – Roblox

#2 – Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is another on this list that I would have been more than happy to pay for if it wasn’t a free game. The career mode sees you playing aagainst increasingly difficult opponents for a chance to play against The Mayor; a London gangster with a lot to say.

As you progress through the single-player mode, you meet various ‘bosses’ that each have their own dialogues and playing styles. The brand of humor that carries throughout is fresh and, in some parts, genuinly funny.

Moving on from the career and on to the multiplayer modes, you have ranked and casual games available to you. The casual games consist of ring matches that you can dive in and out of as you see fit. The ranked matches, however, are tournement knock-out games with a set prize, with the last man (or woman) standing taking all.

All modes feature buyable table items such as drinks, cigars and even guns, as well as a wide variety of different chip tricks, hand gestures and pre-written comments. Prominence Poker has got everything you could ask for in a poker game and so much more in terms of design and dialogue. If you’re a fan of poker, then this could be the perfect free game for you.

Tope free games – Prominence Poker

#1 Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a game I took great pleasure in reviewing recently. The fast-paced shooter by First Watch Games has a lot to offer. Despite being a free game, Rogue Company doesn’t require you to pay anything to avoid being at a disadvantage. The only items that cost any real money in Rogue Company are purely aesthetic, making it totally accessible to everyone. New rogues, emotes and even skins can be earned through reputation points that are earned naturally as you play.

Aside from the level playing field that Rogue Company creates, the game itself is just as fun as many AAA titles. You will see yourself in the ‘one more game’ territory before you even know it.

Top free games – Rogue Company

With titles like those above available to play (and win) for free, it’s easy to see why free games shouldn’t be overlooked. Games like Rogue Company, for instance, have consumed more of my hours that the likes of God of War and, more importantly, never cost me a single penny. Furthermore, free games are also an ideal for the trophy/gamerscore hunters out there, looking to add to their totals without having to pay through the nose.

The store pages are always being updated with new free titles, so be sure to keep an eye on your platform’s market.

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