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THQ pens in-game marketing deal with Massive


You love commercials right? Well publishers and developers like Sony, Sega, Electronic Arts, Spark Unlimited, and Ubisoft are hoping you do with all the in-game advertising that?s been going on recently. Yesterday, publisher THQ jumped into the advertising ring by signing a deal with Massive, a well known in-game advertising company.

Kelly Flock, THQ?s vice president of worldwide publishing had this to say about the new agreement: ?When done properly [in-game advertising] creates added realism that can actually enhance gameplay.? Flock later added, ?We are excited to team with Massive because we believe their network strategy and sensitivity to gameplay will deliver value to publishers, advertisers, and gamers.?

While it seems clear that such a move will put additional revenue into the pockets of game developers and publishers, it is hard to see how advertising will ?deliver value to gamers.? One possible advantage that is occasionally given by publishers is a potential decrease in next-gen game prices. Such product placement ventures in motion pictures, however, did not lead to a decrease in box office prices, so gamers are advised to not hold their breaths waiting for such a discount.

How does this trend of in-game advertising sit with you? Do you feel the addition of real-world advertising enhances your gaming experience, or do you play games to escape such practices? Visit our [a] [aa]forums[/a] and sound off with your opinion!

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