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The Matrix Online


Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Jack into The Matrix Online. The most realistic and dense urban environment of any MMO. The Matrix goes massively multi-player. An intelligent mission system. Ongoing input from the Wachowski brothers. Realistic and intense fighting in wire-fu and bullet-time. The chance to alter Matrix history forever. And a huge, ever-evolving world the likes of which have never been seen in MMOs.

* Players ?jack in? to the Matrix universe where they can experience the adrenaline filled adventure and epic mythology that made the films wildly successful

* Dozens of weapons and martial arts maneuvers that capture the “wire fu” Matrix experience. Use devastating special moves and sneak attacks including breathtaking BULLET TIME? effects that are intelligently generated based on player moves and tactics

* Plot lines by the creators of The Matrix, that continue the Matrix story where the movie trilogy leaves off and provide you with deep insight into the world of the Matrix

* A full Rich World cityscape environment with traffic, lethal agents, living neighborhoods and breathtaking skylines.

* Numerous different “Matrix” abilities that players can swap out and exchange like trading cards.

* A robust mission system designed for maximum re-playability and depth.

* “Vogue Style” avatars that are completely customizable.


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