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The Force is Alive, Part 3

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Last month, I talked about a concept video that future Star Wars games would be modelled after. This game showed two Jedi's using somewhat brutal tactics to dispose of their foes. Not only did the action look great, but the graphics were also superb. However, the latest game taking place in our favorite galaxy has very unrealistic, blocky visuals. Of course, this is no disappointment, as I am talking about Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, the sequel to last year's surprise hit. I haven't played through the entire game, so I can't give a full review as of yet, but what I have played so far is on par with the previous installment. If you don't know, the Lego Star Wars series lets you play through the entire SW saga in Lego form. It recreates the various scenes from each movie with perfect humor, from the opening scene of Episode I, all the way to Episode VI. While last year's game took you through the epic tale that was Anakin's fall to the darkside, as seen in Episodes I, II, and III, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is based on..well..the original trilogy, chonicling his offspring's fight against the very Empire that he helped to build.

You have no chance, Grievous. I'm alive and well in Episode IV. This is Episode III

Now, if you are a SW fan that has a darkside character in Knights of the Old Republic maxed out, and laughed when you first saw Vader choke those poor people in Episode V (not to mention his pregnant wife in Episode III), you may not like these games. But, if you are like me, and love everything Star Wars, I really can't see you not liking the two LSW games. They have everything, from cool unlockables, to plenty of characters, and even some good laughs. Now, if they just wouldn't have made the vehicles in LSW II so freaking hard to control, we would have Lego perfection…but I'll save critical analysis for the review.

The fact that the original game came out before last year's film Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith also gives me something cool to say to my grandkids someday. I really can't wait to tell them that the first time I ever saw Luke and Leia being born was in Lego form…

"This was your Father's. Before he turned evil and I jacked him up…err, wait a minute.."

So, until our full review shows up, you can check out our preview here, and the demo here.

I know one thing, if George Lucas ever does make the oft-rumored Episodes VII, VIII, and IX (and I don't think he will, as the movies are supposed to be Anakin's story), the first thing I will think is, "Good, now we can get one more Lego Star Wars game…"

"You seriously don't know we're related? Don't I look a little bit like someone you used to know?"

Well, I am going to cut this month's feature a bit shorter than usual, as I want to get back to playing the newest game to take place in the universe where Wookies and Ewoks reign supreme! Send comments and questions to Til next time, Master Jedi!!

-Mike Shaeffer

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