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TGS: Metal Gear Raiden


One of the few notable event at the TGS today took place in Konami’s booth. With Hideo Kojima on the stage, everyone was expecting him to elaborate on MGS4 and close with the trailer, but his presentation wasn’t that simple. Gamers should remember the E3 MGS4 trailer, where Big Boss flips Raiden off a cliff dressed as Sam Fisher, claiming the “Main Character” title for himself. Well, the TGS featured thesequel to this nonsensical story, entitled Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser. In this comic series of events, Raiden decides the only way he can become the true hero of the series is by traveling through time and assassinating Big Boss, so that Solid Snake never existed, leaving the position open for him. Most of the comedy comes from slapstick humor, derived from what should be crippling injuries to his feminine torso, like Eva running him over with her motorcycle, and Big Boss parachuting on top of him.

Sadly, everyone who wasn’t at the TGS will have to wait until November to feast their eyes upon this movie, which will be a special feature in MGS3 Subsistence.

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