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TGS: Clank Hitting PSP, Ratchet Behind Bars


With [i]Jak[/i] on the PSP showing us that lead characters are just too cool to be on handheld consoles, now the lesser half of the [i]Ratchet and Clank[/i] series is getting his own game. 

Ratchet is in jail (for something he didn't commit, presumably), so a tux-wearing Clank is scurrying to his rescue, with loads of new Bond-esque gadgets at his disposal.  Captain Qwerk and Ratchet will also occasionally be playable, but Clank is still the main man in this game. 

While no date was given, it would be likely for this game to appear in 2008.  Stay with Mygamer for further develpments on this game, and for more TGS coverage.

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