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Terminator 3: The Redemption


Terminator 3: Redemption features vehicle and character based combat and exploration from a third-person perspective and is presented in a larger and more diverse Terminator world. Terminator 3: Redemption allows players to assume the role of the most popular and iconic character featured in the Terminator films, the Terminator.

* Rip through deep levels of nonstop arcade-shooter action.

* Hit the road ? and enemies ? in cars, trucks and other vehicles.

* Fire explosive weaponry from all three timelines, including missile launchers and plasma rifles.

* Smash enemies with power punches and combo moves.

* Leap between speeding vehicles.

* Experience massive boss battles.

* Activate vintage ?Arnold phrases? during the action, with exclusive voice recording by the star.

* Team up in co-op mode to attack waves of Skynet machines.

* Hijack 15+ vehicles from the present and the future.

* Demolish never-before-seen Terminator units in melee combat.

* Uncover secret short cuts by executing incredible ?Terminator Moments?.

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