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Ten Years Later and EVE Online is Still Insane

Because, EVE

Most 10 year olds want a new video game for their birthday, EVE had different ideas.  Three days ago, on May 5th a player announced where they would be flying one of the games largest, and most expensive, ships.  The only caveat to the entire process is that players could only use frigate class, the smallest, ships to take it out.  Over 3000 people came for the challenge.  The result is basically what it must look like when an ant colony takes out an infant, only this time with lasers and missiles—because that is just how EVE rolls.

I have spent hundreds of hours actively playing EVE, and I can honestly say that now is the best time to jump on.   I have never before seen a company that is so actively devoted to keeping fans interested and attempt to take most of the feedback to heart.  The player base is small but possibly the most dedicated of any game out there.  The game is also possibly the only example of entertainment that takes place in real time, at all times.  Saying that it is unlike anything else out there is an understatement, and something that should truly be experienced.

Source: The Escapist

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