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Taito Releases 3 Classics to Mobile


Taito Corporation today announced that RAINBOW ISLANDS: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2, SPACE INVADERS PINBALL and THE LEGEND OF KAGE are now available on more than 30 different T- Mobile USA mobile phones, including select models from Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.

First introduced as an arcade game in 1987, the classic title RAINBOW ISLANDS is a colorful island- hopping adventure and action game featuring "Bub," who finds himself curiously transformed from a dinosaur into a small boy. Bub, in his new form, adventures through islands attempting to defeat his enemies. Using his powers to cast rainbows, Bub has to ascend the four levels of each island, facing a big, bad boss at the end of each. By trapping beasts under the rainbows and jumping on them to break them, players can collect seven different magic gems as well as power-ups for extra speed and rainbows.

SPACE INVADERS PINBALL combines two gaming classics for the ultimate in nostalgia. This Space Invaders-branded pinball game integrates not only the Space Invaders motif, but also the classic game's rules, yielding a fast-paced, intense gaming  experience. As aliens and UFOs appear on the screen, players attack with the pinball, defending against the well-known Space Invaders. Thrilling power-ups add to the excitement in this twist on two arcade favorites. SPACE INVADERS PINBALL, first released in 2005, was developed specifically for mobile phones.

In THE LEGEND OF KAGE, one of Taito's most popular and beloved bestsellers, players control Kage, a ninja who must battle his way through forests and invade a castle to rescue the lovely Princess Kiri from an evil warlord. First released as an arcade game in 1985, THE LEGEND OF KAGE follows Kage as he fights his way through countless ninjas, fire-breathing monks and other enemies using a variety of moves including a ninja's super jump, tree-climbing, sword fighting and throwing shurikens (ninja stars). Powerful clothing and items gathered along the way ease Kage's journey.

"The release of RAINBOW ISLANDS, SPACE INVADERS PINBALL and THE LEGEND OF KAGE for T-Mobile USA mobile phones will provide T-Mobile USA subscribers with an even greater selection of unique and entertaining Taito games," said Keiji Fujita, producer of all three games. "The combination of new content and beloved classic games will be sure to please T-Mobile USA users."

RAINBOW ISLANDS, SPACE INVADERS PINBALL and THE LEGEND OF KAGE are available on the T-Mobile USA t-zones storefront at $2.99 for a monthly subscription or $5.99 for unlimited use. Other recent Taito games available to T-Mobile USA t-zones users include JUNGLE HUNT, SPACE INVADERS SUDOKU and VOLFIED.

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