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Super Mario Galaxy Best Game of All Time?


According to, based on critics' review scores, Nintendo's [i]Super Mario Galaxy[/i] for the Wii is now the top-ranked game of all time.  The previous highest ranked game ever was [i]The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time[/i].  Rounding out the top five highest rated games of all time are:

1. [i]Super Mario Galaxy[/i]- Wii
2. [i]The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time[/i]- N64
3. [i]Metroid Prime[/i]- Gamecube
4. [i]Soul Calibur[/i]- Dreamcast
5. [i]The Orange Box[/i]- PC

and [i]The Orange Box[/i]- Xbox 360 gets an honorable mention for coming in at #6.  Though this will likely not be the case in the coming weeks.

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