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Stephen Dorff adds star power to Far Cry Instincts


[b] By: Scott Schopman[/b]

[b]Ubisoft[/b] has announced that the voice behind Jack Carver, the main character in [i] Far Cry Instincts[/i], will be Stephen Dorff. [b] Ubisoft[/b] feels Dorff brings the gruff persona that Jack Carver displays by his actions in the game.

Stephen Dorff is credited to starring in various Hollywood movies, some of his most recent being ?Blade,? ?Feardotcom? and ?Alone in Dark.?

In the musical department [i] Fary Cry Instincts[/i] music score will be comprised by famed composer Paul Haslinger. Haslinger has worked on blockbuster hits such as ?Minority Report,? ?Tomb Raider? and ?Underworld? and looks to add a intense atmosphere of drama and tension to match the games storyline and action-filled gameplay.

[i]Far Cry Instincts[/i] is slated for a September release. Keep it here for future updates.

[a][aa] Xbox – Far Cry Instincts GamePortal[/a]
[a][aa] PlayStation 2 – Far Cry Instincts GamePortal[/a]

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