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Steambot Chronicles Fights On PSP


Atlus  announced that Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament for PSP system is now available at select retailers across North America.

"Recent studies indicate that general action fans typically respond very well to action of the mech-on-mech variety," began Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and sales. "This bodes well for the newly released Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament,  which offers PSP system owners deep mech customization, open mission structure, and exciting multiplayer for up to four people, possibly even with just one UMD! And of course, as much greasy mech-on-mech action as one can shake a wrench at."

Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament is now available at select North American  retailers.

About Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament
A young Trot driver comes to Orion City with one dream in mind: to win the prestigious Orion City Trotmobile gladiator tournament.  However, you'll quickly learn that  it takes more than pluck and optimism to earn victory in the coliseum.  With the help of a spirited mechanic named Venus, you'll have to take on a series of jobs to earn the money and fame required to make a name for yourself about town as a skilled Trotmobile operator.  When a series of bandit attacks begins to affect the city's economy and distress the citizens, who will have the mettle and the metal to put a stop to it?

Key Features

* You control your adventure — Mission-based gameplay puts you in the driver's seat: you choose what you do and say.  Take on missions ranging from cross-town delivery to mining in a canyon to defeating bandits.  The money and fame points earned can be used to upgrade your Trotmobile and enter arena battles.
* Complete freedom to build — The cardinal rule of Trotmobile design is that thereis no ideal design.  Instead, there are tons of customization options, letting youupgrade your arms, legs, heads, bodies, and more, each changing the nature of howyou battle!  Personalize your vehicle with color and emblem to make it distinctivelyyours.
* Four-player competition mode — Clash with your friends' Trotmobiles in 4 playerad hoc multiplayer!  Set each player against the others battle royale style, or pair up for tag team action.
* One cartridge, four players — Only one UMD disc?  You can still compete!  Activate "game sharing" to enter multiplayer mode with standard Trotmobiles, or use multiple UMDs to have access to your customized battle vehicles!

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