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Stay Out Of The Water


In 1975 a small time director named Steven Spielberg was having trouble shooting a movie titled Jaws. The premise detailed a shark that was ruthlessly killing the residents of a small beach town. The director was having a hard enough time shooting elaborate scenes with the shark, and then to make matters worse, later through production the oversized mechanical fish broke. Forcing the director to rely on the tension of the sharks few, yet animated, appearances to sustain the film. Jaws went on to claim critical and financial success and is also credited with jumpstarting the career of Steven Spielberg. Today, Majesco and Appaloosa Interactive try to capture that raw tension and ruthlessness in Jaws Unleashed.

In Jaws you play as the great white shark himself. Aggravated by the Coast Guard who are always on the lookout, annoyed by the private sectors drilling operations, and hounded by scientists that want you alive, you have no choice but to get them off your tail the only way you know how.

The gameplay is a mix of twenty action and stealth based missions. Some missions will require you to go topside and show your enemies your pearly whites, while others will have you dodging fisherman

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