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Stake: Fortune Fighters


Stake is the ultimate combat event! The wildest, most engaging, extremely dangerous competition also brings in a ton of cash every two years. And now it’s Stake time again – and everyone can’t wait for this year’s match-up. The Stake Champion receives riches and fame beyond belief – and commands the respect of all who dare defeat them!

* Single Player, Death Match and Team Death Match Modes

* Play as eight characters, each with different attacks, defense, speed and special “anger” power levels

* Four-player split-screen combat.

* Tons of attacks and magic powers exclusive to each character

* Attack with interactive items: Grenades, ice, gasses, hot oil, flaming statues, rocks and more

* Great Xbox-specific textures and effects: 4,000 polygon characters, realistic real-time lighting and shadows, very smooth camera and animation.

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