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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory multiplayer details emerge


By David Craddock

A few sketchy details on the multiplayer details of [i]Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory[/i] were announced earlier today by Ubisoft. Not only is co-op play in, but a competitive mode similar to that found in [i]Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow[/i] will also be available.

The “versus mode” will split four players into two teams, spies and mercenaries. Three different types of play will be available: scenario, disk hunt, and deathmatch. Scenario mode will most likely require the accomplishment of a unique objective given at the start of the game, disk hunt will require the players to hunt down a disk hidden in the current level before members of the other team find it, and deathmatch is what it has been since the days of [i]Doom[/i]: all out war.

The co-op mode will require teams to “cooperate” in order to accomplish objectives that would be impossible to finish alone: scaling walls, keeping watch while the other player hacks into enemy systems, etc.

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