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SpellForce: The Shadow of the Phoenix


This is an expansion for the real-time strategy game, [i]SpellForce[/i]. It includes more units, items, maps and foes, among other features.

* Two new units and buildings per race – siege units and fast moving swarm units offer a new layer of tactical depth and challenge the player’s abilities

* Extensive single player campaign with more than 40 hours of gameplay continuing the storyline of the first two parts of SpellForce

* Avatars can now reach Level 50 and employ 40 new powerful abilities and spells

* Use your Avatars from SpellForce- The Order of Dawn or Breath of Winter and continue their adventure from either perspective

* Dozens of new enemies and spectacular boss monsters

* Over 150 new items and 27 powerful set items, some of them can be modified by the player

* Ten new multiplayer maps and 15 Co-op maps. Now Co-op will feature Quests for the players

“By means of an enslaved god’s life essence a dark necromancer is trying to reanimate the powerful circle mages and makes them his unholy servants. Only the power of the Phoenix Stone will be able to prevent the returning of the Circle.

Thus the rune is summoned again to finally put an end to his former slave-masters.

But to free the special power of the Phoenix Stone the blade of the Shadow Sword is required which is held by the rune warrior of Urgath. The two avatars need to combine their powers and work together to overcome this final enemy. “


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