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Sonic and the Secret Rings

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Sega has chosen a name for their latest game which will feature our blue furred and spiky haired hedgehog hero. In Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic finds himself in a brand new world that will feature a fully 3D environment, plenty of eye candy, and realistic physics. Also, with the new Wii controller, Sega promises a new level of interactivity with the game, as players perform certain moves with the controller that will cause Sonic to move forward by moving the controller from side to side or, in battle, doing combo moves by utilizing movements of the wrist. Sounds rather exhausting, doesn't it?


The plot of the game centers around the book Arabian Nights, the first modern composition of which was published in 1835 in Arabic, and contains a variety of famous stories such as Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves, Aladdin, and Sinbad The Sailor which are related by Queen Scheherazade  to her husband lest he do her in. But I digress. Sonic is, for some reason, idly flipping through the pages of this book when the Genie pops out of it and begs Sonic to help him recover the last few pages of the book. Sonic agrees, and the Genie grants him the power to travel through the world of Arabian Nights so that the book can be put right.


This sounds an awful lot like Myst. "Bring me the red pages.."

In addition to the new control possibilities that have been opened up by the radical design of the Wii controller, the game also promises to bring to you the "Exotic" settings of the legends from Arabian Nights, new moves for Sonic like "boost" and "catapult" and 30 different mini games that can be played with up to four players.

Sadly the official website here is only available in Japanese at the moment, but we here at will be giving you more details as they become available so keep checking back with us.



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