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By now, everyone has probably played, or at the very least, heard about the success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band series.  After several sequels and spins off of a series that is starting to grow stale, DJ Hero is a brand new take on the music genre.  Using a platter instead of a guitar, this new controller is a great new way to experience music games.

Learning how to use the controller requires a learning curve but is eased thanks to the game’s 30 minute tutorial.  Here, the player will be treated on how the ins and outs of the controller and gameplay.  Pleasing everyone all at once, the DJ controller can be outfitted for both lefties and righties. 

The controller itself is small, solid and wireless.  Each button is made with quality material that should be able to stand up to a fair amount of abuse.  But even pros at Guitar Hero will have something new to learn here with DJ Hero.  Mastering the platter, crossfader, and effects dial brings a new and interesting style of gameplay.

Like Guitar Hero, the player will have to hit the right notes as it glides from the top of the screen.  Skill comes from holding the right button and giving the platter just the right amount of twist.  The more notes you connect in a row, the higher your multiplier.  But instead of star power, the player will take advantage of a euphoria effect to increase the score multiplier to 8x.  Just like Guitar Hero, this game will take quite a bit of practice before the hardest difficulty can be beaten. 

While there is a lack of an avatar editor, the player will have the opportunity to assume the role of famous DJs as they progress through the game.  All in the all, the game boasts a beefy soundtrack line up, consisting of nearing 100 songs, and if you mastered them all, new ones are already available for download through both Xbox Live and the PSN. 

The single player mode offers a number of new sets and venues, but the multiplayer component is the weakest link in the game.  It is possible to jam out with the platter while another buddy rocks with the guitar, but the DJ vs DJ mode is pretty limited.  Without any significant power ups or alternative modes, the “who gets the highest score” is a bit of a let down.  DJ Hero is destined to be a hit at house parties, so it is a wonder as to why the multiplayer component wasn’t given a little more time in development.  But this was the same case with the first Guitar Hero on PS2, but was eventually fleshed out as sequels were created.  Like Guitar Hero before it, DJ Hero is designed to introduce players to a new style of music game. 

DJ Hero is definitely a fun game and as DJ Hero 2 nears its release date, shoppers should be able to find the DJ Hero bundle for pretty cheap.  If you have started to grow tired of guitaring, singing, and drumming to your favorite songs, you should definitely look towards DJ Hero.  It will give you a new appreciation for music games. 


Unique Use of: a plastic instrument controller

Better Than: Kazoo Hero

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