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Snakebyte Head:Set S (Switch) Review

Snakebyte Headst S switch

Low Cost, Introductory Level

snakebyte’s new Head:Set S headset is marketed towards Switch owners that play Fortnite. With foldable ear cups, a removable mic, and very low cost, this is a great entry point for parents to see how their youngster will maintain their belongings.

Comes with everything you see

This headset only costs $20 so expectations can only be so high. The unit ships in a decent outer box which depicts all the main selling points, but the unit is actually housed in a cheap plastic shell. Again, to be fair, this thing is inexpensive but actually comes with everything you will need. It ships with a detachable mic and also comes with an 3.5mm extension cable. This means Switch players can comfortably play in handheld mode but also docked mode sitting further from the TV. These options are not usually packed with units so inexpensive.

Perhaps the biggest selling point are the foldable ear cups. Each cup can be folded inward and independently, increasing portability which makes it ideal for Switch. Unfortunately, the ear cups are not comfortable as they sit on top of both ears as opposed to around them or in them. It might not be an issue at first but these cups will eventually start causing discomfort, especially if you wear glasses. Regarding sound quality, sure, they are fine. Obviously nothing special here other than it is a typical stereo headset.

One up. One down.

The black and red design creates a nice presentation and the one page instruction sheet is welcomed. However, this unit is literally just plug-and-play so the instruction manual really isn’t needed, but it is here, in many different languages, should you need it for reference. There is also a volume adjustment level found on the cord, making it easy to adjust levels. It is also worth pointing out that no external power, such as batteries, are required.

Volume control

Besides uncomfortable ear cups, the next biggest concern is longevity. Each cup can fold inward for portability however using this highlighting feature is almost not recommended. Folding the ear cup makes this crunching sort of click that feels cheap and like it is going to snap itself in half. While I didn’t experience any issue as I was testing this unit, my gut is telling me this would be the thing aspect to go wrong first. In fact, this clacking sound is so bad it makes me think twice about folding them at all.

Instructions if you need them

The snakebyte Head:Set S isn’t a bad headset considering the extremely low price point. In fact, the included extension cable and removable mic make this unit a spectacular value. If parents are worried about purchasing a headset for their young gamer, this unit is the perfect place to start. Otherwise, more serious gamers will want to consider something with more quality and a higher price.

Not As Good As: any surround sound unit
Better Than: use that mono headset that shipped with your Xbox 360
Wait For It: Nintendo to actually make a decent online environment

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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